What is a Good Parent like - Parenting Goal

A good parent is one who always has time for their children and puts them in front of what they want even when it is not in the best interest of the child. They are parents to all their children but also a parent to themselves so that they can be able to give themselves as much attention as they need. If a child needs anything from them, they are there without fail, no matter what it takes for them.

Involvement in Child’s life

A good parent makes sure that their child understands that the whole family is important and will come together if someone has a problem or something goes wrong with any member of the family. They are there to back them up and ensure that they have the best opportunities and most needed one. They’re involved with their child’s life as much as they can be and know what is going on in every aspect.

Gives priority to family

A good parent recognizes that nothing can replace family and friends, no matter how far away they live or how different they seem to the child, because it is still a part of the family. They will however make sure that their child goes out into the world safely, so that they will never feel like a stranger in it.


Good parents see themselves as good parents no matter what happens and are willing to do whatever it takes for this role to never change.

They want their child to be who they are and not what the world would want them to be or what other people who judge them wants them to be.

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Being Supportive

They do everything in their power in order for their children to know that whatever choices they make will always be about them. They tell their children that it is okay if they make mistakes and realize when they do because most of the time it is all part of learning how to live and grow.

They are there, supporting, encouraging and constantly loving all while being completely honest with them. A good parent makes sure that their child knows that she has a million different friends around her, but they still belong to her while she belongs only to one, herself.

Unconditional Love

People who are good parents do not have to be perfect but can still do their part in making sure that their child knows how loved and appreciated they are. They know that it is all about them because they believe in themselves and never doubt that they have what it takes to be a wonderful parent who loves their child without conditions or limits. They know that the world has changed and so have the things we need to do as parents but they will always be there, no matter what it takes them out of their way to help their child. When other people cannot or do not want to help out, they will step in and make sure that nothing bad will happen. They will make sure that their child does not lose a parent or is ever without support, in any way.


A Good parent is someone who knows how to balance between their child and themselves. They are the ones who know that everything can be hard but it will eventually get easier with time. They know that they have to be there to protect and love their child no matter what they do or where they go while making sure she knows that as long as she is safe, there won’t be anything else she needs to worry about other than having a great time and enjoying every bit of the experience.

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A good parent is someone who will be there, sooner or later.

They are always willing to listen and help out in any way they can for as long as it takes for their child to feel that she does not need them anymore. They are the ones who will make sure that their children learn how to live on their own and also how to stand up for themselves because they know that there is no one else like them who is better suited for protecting and loving her than her parents are.

Stand as backup

They will be there whenever they feel like it because they know that they have the right to make sure that nothing goes wrong in their child’s life; especially when it comes to dealing with other people. They will make sure that their child is never alone or afraid, no matter what anything else may be.


They are the ones who will do everything in their power to make sure that their child does not have to worry about anything for as long as they are alive. They will never stop loving them or stopping thinking of them and being there for them, no matter what happens. They know that a good parent is not just someone who always makes the right choice or someone who is perfect, they can still fail but they will always try their best to help out however they can.


A good parent is someone who will make sure, no matter what it takes, their child has the best and brightest future they can have. They will always want their child to be happy and never want them to feel like they are not loved or wanted. They will stop at nothing to make sure that their child does not ever feel alone, even if it means leaving them for a while.

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