8 Simple Ways to Show Your Child Your Love and Feelings

Here we will show you how to show your love and feelings to your child.

Smiling and laughing together

Smiling and laughing together with child will increase the bond with child.


Telling the child “I Love You” when it feels natural to do so.


Saying your child "I Love You" is not difficult but makes your bonding easy with your child.

Give special time to your child

Every child needs special time with their parents and giving them this can boost your connection with your kid.


Positive physical contact with the child

Holding, hugging, caressing, tickling, massaging, or other forms of positive physical contact with the child


Playing games with your child

Playing games with your child increase the bond of friendliness with child.


Speaking in a warm and loving tone of voice


Talking in warm and loving tone voice with your child brings love and affection in your relation and strengthen the bonding,

Demonstrate your love for the child with small gestures.


Gest is a great way to show your love for the child without saying much.

Treat your child equally among siblings

Promote your child's talent without comparing them with others.


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